About Your Flying Camera

Professional eyes in the skies, with over 40+ years experience.

 Company Introduction

Your Flying Camera, the premiere drone photography and videography company in Northern Illinois. With cutting edge technology, Your Flying Camera brings a passion for capturing breathtaking footage, we are your go-to choice for all your aerial imaging needs. Whether you’re looking to showcase your event with stunning aerial footage, create immersive virtual tours, or capture sweeping panoramic views for your real estate listings, we have the skills and expertise to deliver the best possible results. With our state-of-the-art equipment and attention to detail, you can trust Your Flying Camera to deliver professional-grade footage that exceeds your expectations.

But our services aren’t just limited to commercial applications. Your Flying Camera also specializes in creative and artistic projects, ranging from dreamy aerial landscapes to action- packed sports shots. Pilot Roger Henry has over forty years’ experience as a talented award- winning video producer/director. He knows what’s needed to get the job done right. Whatever ideas you might have, Your Flying Camera is here to bring them to life. At your Flying Camera, we believe that every moment is precious-and what better way to remember it that with stunning aerial footage? Contact us today to learn more about our services, pricing, and the endless possibilities of aerial imaging. Trust us to give you those breathtaking, unforgettable moments-from above!

 Pilot Introduction

Roger Henry

Roger began his career right out of college working his way up the ladder in the film industry, both here in the US and in Europe. After a few years as a cinematographer, he became a Producer and Director creating high quality films and videos. He ran his own production company, Henry & Associates, Inc., for over thirty years, developing media for mostly  Fortune 500 companies.
Roger has always been interested in aerial photography and meteorology, so starting his own drone business seemed the natural fit. His keen eye and flying skills will bring life to any project you want his partnership to develop.

The development procedure we take are spelled out in these steps:

  1. Scout the location, either physically or using Google Maps or both.
  2. Schedule the shoot with all parties involved in the process, listing agent, sellers, local authorities and the FAA when required. Keeping a keen eye on developing weather conditions.
  3. Download and develop photos and footage for client approval.
  4. Delivery of media either as raw materials or we can custom edit a final video to your specifications, (usually via Google Drive or Drop Box.)

“In quality aerial photography, you not only need keen photo skills but also a knowledge of timing, both with weather and lighting conditions, the capabilities of your equipment, and how the images will be utilized.”

Roger Henry, owner of Your Flying Camera


  • “Roger with Your Flying Camera did drone video and photography for a real estate listing of mine. I was impressed with Roger’s professionalism, knowledge and results! I would highly recommend Your Flying Camera services to anyone looking for drone video and/or photography!” – Lucy M. RE/MAX
  • This is a great perspective of the entire wastewater facility.  It captures our relationship between the river and the proximity of our neighbors in the horizon. As a diagnostic tool for the wastewater operator: one can see several different conditions [possible concerns] developing within the treatment tanks. (very interesting) As a maintenance tool: you can clearly see how much we need for new coating (paint) on the digester covers. As a development tool: planning for the future, available space and integration [importance] of saving “green space” along the river.
    Daniel D., Wastewater Treatment Facility Supervisor, Geneva Public Works Dept.

Full Service

From pre-production, to logistics, to post-production. We offer flexible solutions to adapt to any project’s needs and deliver professional footage no matter the place. 
Story Telling
Real Estate

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40+ Years Experience


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Locations Shot

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Full Service

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We use the latest drones with the highest quality images. We shoot in RAW format which means we have maximum flexibility to make your images come out just the way you want them. With rich colors and in high resolution


All our videos are shot on the latest drones in full 4K resolution. This means no matter where you use them they will be of the highest quality.


We always have the latest high tech drone at our disposal. Currently, that’s the DJI Mavic 3 Pro with its Hasselblad camera.