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Story Telling

   In many ways, aerial drone videography has changed the landscape of video production. Shots that only a decade ago would have required costly rentals of helicopters or cranes can now be done by drones at a fraction of the cost, with equally high quality. Your Flying Camera uses advance video recording techniques to make your story come alive.
In its most basic form, aerial video can establish a location or give scope to your story; it can also heighten the drama, help transition between locations or subjects, and add physical and emotional depth to your storytelling. Roger Henry pilot/owner of Your Flying Camera has over forty year’s experience in the film/video industry and can maximize the utilitarian nature of aerial shots but also try to push creative boundaries to dazzle viewers.

Drone videography and photography are becoming increasingly popular ways to promote businesses. This emerging technology is being used in a number of different industries, as it provides an innovative way to capture stunning aerial footage. Your Flying Camera can help businesses create content that can be used for website videos, social media posts, promotional campaigns, and more.

The benefit of using drone videography to promote a business is that the footage can be captured from unique angles and locations that would otherwise be inaccessible or difficult to reach. It also allows for creative shots that add depth and interest to any video production project. With drone videography, any business has the potential to create stunning visual content that will grab viewers’ attention, boost engagement levels and stand out in the crowded online space.

Additionally, Your Flying Camera can create content that will effectively reach the right audience, maximize visibility and increase brand recognition.

In short, drone videography is quickly becoming a valuable asset for any business looking to take its marketing efforts to the next level!

Full Service

From pre-production, to logistics, to post-production. We offer flexible solutions to adapt to any project’s needs and deliver professional footage no matter the place. 
Story Telling
Real Estate

Full Service

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We use the latest drones with the highest quality images. We shoot in RAW format which means we have maximum flexibility to make your images come out just the way you want them. With rich colors and in high resolution


All our videos are shot on the latest drones in full 4K resolution. This means no matter where you use them they will be of the highest quality.


We always have the latest high tech drone at our disposal. Currently, that’s the DJI Mavic 3 Pro with its Hasselblad camera.
Other Services

Construction and Facility Monitoring

Construction sites are a massive collaboration between various contractors and subcontractors working together to build against an agreed-upon blueprint. With so many moving parts, errors are inevitable and can be expensive, especially if they require the removal and re-pouring of concrete. Performing frequent, minimally-intrusive as-built assessments by drone can help sites detect minor errors before they become costly errors, and keep their jobs on track.