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    According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 90% of home buyers find their property information online. Agents who provide the best information and comprehensive, compelling imagery are rewarded with more leads, faster sales and future listings, making drone photography the clear choice in real estate marketing. Your Flying Camera understands the needs of the real estate agent, (I’m married to one!).

Residential Real Estate Drone Photography

Your Flying Camera real estate drone photography services offer many advantages for residential  properties. Drone aerial imagery is an affordable way to get the high-resolution images you need to maximize sales and manage properties more efficiently.

  • Add Value to Property Listings
  • More Qualified Buyers Fast
  • Capture sweeping sky views. Drones can capture spectacular aerial views of properties of all sizes, helping to set them apart from the rest.
  • Showcase unique interior and exterior features such as architectural facades, pools or tennis courts with high resolution exterior and FPV (First Person View) camera capabilities.
  • Demonstrate interior flow. With our FPV (First Person View) Your Flying Camera can  create very life-like virtual tours, mimicking the experience of an in-person visit.
  • Highlight neighborhood benefits such as nearby parks, schools, shopping, and commuter routes.
  • Show the town. Help buyers see the local lifestyle with views of the local area and its areas of interest.

Full Service

From pre-production, to logistics, to post-production. We offer flexible solutions to adapt to any project’s needs and deliver professional footage no matter the place. 
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Real Estate

Full Service

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We use the latest drones with the highest quality images. We shoot in RAW format which means we have maximum flexibility to make your images come out just the way you want them. With rich colors and in high resolution


All our videos are shot on the latest drones in full 4K resolution. This means no matter where you use them they will be of the highest quality.


We always have the latest high tech drone at our disposal. Currently, that’s the DJI Mavic 3 Pro with its Hasselblad camera.
Other Services

Construction and Facility Monitoring

Construction sites are a massive collaboration between various contractors and subcontractors working together to build against an agreed-upon blueprint. With so many moving parts, errors are inevitable and can be expensive, especially if they require the removal and re-pouring of concrete. Performing frequent, minimally-intrusive as-built assessments by drone can help sites detect minor errors before they become costly errors, and keep their jobs on track.